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Stanley Street Gallery,


When chaos integrates itself into the everyday, I find piece knowing my existence is but a fleeting moment on an infinite timeline. As one concerned with loss and extinction I can only relinquish to the thought that this is nature, I am , my thoughts are , my smartphone is, just as plastic is too. Does life cease to exist when I do? No, of course we know that, it simply passes by. Just the same as nature, it never ceases. There is no doubt that plastic will become and perhaps already is a time stamp on earths geology, a slither of time buried beneath infinite saplings.

young tree –
Especially green, slender and unsteady. Growing in the lightness of new beginnings Not yet scarred by natures plight.

Peer with innocent eyes
At the magic that exists outside in the trees that re
ach overhead And in all of the creatures
That we cannot name

Sweet alchemy.

Emma Pinsent 


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