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WAYOUT Art Space, Kandos


 This exhibition is based on three provocations: speculative narratives of material and social entropy; the generative forces of such decay; and how these ruins can be measured within perspectives of the geos and bios. 

Individually and collectively we have been investigating the symbiotic web of interdependencies that bind us to each other, to other species, and to the planet as a whole. Collecting impressions of human, plant, rock, soil and animal bodies, whilst reflecting on architectures of human and non-human realms, we are conducting an exploration of currently evolving ecologies. 

Uncanny amalgamations of cellulite, scales and burls come together as sculptural forms, in materials including plastic waste, cement, wax, plaster and metal. Experimental sound works trace the contours of deserted ruins. Site specific remnants are degraded past the point of recognition, to leave new potential space in their wake. Time is come to be understood in scales outside of the human clock: the slow pulse of plant growth, registers of water, eroding rock and the flutter of insect wings. As ideas pass between us, they grow—in filamentous acknowledgement of the multiple voices that make up ecologies.

The nature of this collective work has been fluid and traverses mediums: sculptures, paintings, drawings, installation, photography and sound filter into a single conversation, responding to the entangled nature of destruction and generation.

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